Core Technology
The smart material Terfenol-D and the property of magnetostriction are the foundation of ETREMA Products. Click here to learn more about this exciting technology!

Check out ETREMA's product lines, including actuators, audio products, industrial solutions, Terfenol-D material, and many others! Also introducting the new CU18A Ultrasonic Actuator.

Our teams of dedicated technology experts have developed solutions for satisfied clients from the largest to the smallest. Click here to learn how ETREMA can assist you.

ETREMA's technology has provided cost-effective solutions for many different industries, across a broad spectrum of applications. Click here to find out what ETREMA can do for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about ETREMA's products, Terfenol-D, Magnetostriction, and more!

More about ETREMA, Contact Information, and Employment Opportunities.

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